“Zajazd Kaszubski” (Kashubian Inn) at Lubowidz near Lebork on the E-28 Highway (Szczecin – Gdansk) 6 kilometres off the town of Lebork in the direction of Gdansk, situated on forest skirt near the Lake of Lubowidz in the sphere of protected landscape stillnes.

– Ist categ. restaurant with 80 seats available
– night bar with 40 seats available.

“Zajazd Kaszubski” is a resting cite for lovers of aquatics, anglers, person fond of mushrooms, hunters as well as any individual or organized tourists. Near of the Inn there are: a beach, water landing stage and a stud.
At request, we arrange banqests, occasional ventures, course-conferences, dancings.

The owner of the Inn invites you to spend your time in a pleasant atmosphere in his Inn, proposing tasteful meals offred by the chief cook, especially the kashubian cuisine.

More information will be served to you at the Hotel Reception and Office.